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Bridges Ventures is a specialist fund manager, dedicated to using an impact-driven investment approach to create superior returns for both investors and society at-large. We believe that market forces and entrepreneurship can be harnessed to do well by doing good. Founded in 2002, we are majority-owned and managed by our Equity Partners and the Bridges Charitable Trust. We benefit greatly from the support, expertise and contact networks of the private equity companies that have backed us since inception, Apax Partners, 3i and Doughty Hanson.


At the beginning of every investment, we work closely with the management team to identify and design an IMPACT scorecard that we track annually. IRIS metrics form an important part of the final scorecard, as do other customised KPIs tailored to the investee in question.

Other Impact Measurement Tools

We use our Select, Engage and Track (SET) approach throughout the investment cycle. At Selection, we analyse for impact risk and return across a series of steps using our own thematic Decision Trees. Engagement begins by working with the management pre-investment to design the Impact Scorecard and identify strategies to mitigate for ESG risks and create value. Lastly, we track for impact annually using our Scorecards, which provide a compelling IMPACT ‘snapshot’ that allows for timely management decisions and for Bridges Ventures to identify areas where it can provide support.