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Bridge Investment Group is a leading privately held real estate investment and property management firm that manages $10+ billion in assets under management within its registered investment advisory businesses. We combine our 1,000-person, nationwide, “boots-on-the-ground” operating platform with specialized teams of investment professionals focused on select US real estate verticals, which we believe offer above-market opportunity: Workforce and Affordable Housing, Multifamily, Seniors Housing & Medical Properties, Office and Debt Strategies. The Bridge Workforce and Affordable Housing Fund creates and preserves affordable housing communities for America’s workforce. With an estimated 12 million households spending over 50% of annual income on housing and a 9% decline in Class B/C multifamily units as a percentage of total stock since 2000, affordable housing is in dire need. Bridge brings a differentiated and socially responsible approach to investing in workforce and affordable rental housing, focusing not just on preservation but also on the creation of innovative and valuable social programs that drive tenant satisfaction. Leveraging our deep in-house operating platforms to reposition assets with specialized community and life-enhancing services, we provide more than just “four walls and a roof.”


Bridge uses IRIS metrics to refine and standardize our performance metric reporting in the impact space for the Workforce and Affordable Housing Fund. As a dedicated asset manager, we provide our investors with clear reports on fund performance on a regular basis, and IRIS provides a similarly unified language to evaluate our social impact successes and share them with our investors. Bridge collects IRIS data at each affordable housing asset acquisition and throughout the life of the fund and provides reports on community programming, environmental sustainability, and housing affordability alongside its regular investor reports.

Other Impact Measurement Tools

Alongside IRIS metrics, Bridge uses and exceeds Community Reinvestment Act guidelines for affordable housing and community development. Bridge compares each investment to the CRA investment test qualifications, including whether the investment: provides affordable housing where 51%+ of the units are occupied by families that earn a maximum of 80% of the area’s median income, provides community services such as job training or health education, or funds activities that revitalize or stabilize low- or middle-income areas. Bridge similarly uses Freddie Mac Green Advantage guidelines to evaluate our environmental sustainability success alongside the IRIS metrics on sustainability.