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Avantage Ventures (“AV”) is an Asia-based social investment and advisory company with offices in Hong Kong and Beijing. Avantage Ventures’ mission is to invest in key development sectors in Asia-Pacific which address the most pressing challenges and opportunities of our times. We have identified healthcare, rural development, education, clean energy and disenfranchised communities as key sectors in the region where long term investments are much needed. Our principal focus are high potential entrepreneurs and companies that are committed to addressing social and environmental issues through innovative business models. Our unique investment approach seeks to deliver a set of returns that embrace the principles of sustainability as well as the reduction of risks. We offer investors an early exposure to investment opportunities which meet the socio-economic and environmental needs that will underpin Asia’s development in the 21st century. Our objective is to provide capital and management support to our investees and clients, as they multiply the size of their impact through growth and replication – with the ultimate goal of contributing to a more sustainable future in Asia.


We use IRIS metrics in our proprietary impact assessment to identify suitable projects, and to monitor their progress in social, environmental, financial and operational impacts