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Aashray - Promotion of Social Enterprises Foundation (Aashray Incubator) is a platform for promoting and supporting technological and social innovations and start-ups, setting up of social enterprises, and scaling up of innovative ventures and technologies. Aashray Incubator was established by Incube Ventures and Saath Livelihoods in July 2014 together with knowledge partners - Entrepreneurship Development Institute of India (EDI) and Ashoka India with the objective of promoting and supporting “out of the box” solutions for India’s inclusive developmental needs. Aashray Incubator collaborates with research, development and educational institutions to optimally utilise each entity’s respective strengths to enhance the incubation ecosystem. Aashray Incubator is an exceptional techno-social business incubator because it supports transforming of ideas to create replicable models for technical and business incubation for technological and social entrepreneurs who have products and services that will materially benefit the people at median and bottom of the pyramid levels. Aashray Incubator supports: a) social enterprises that directly work towards achieving social impact; b) transformative technologies in the areas of biotechnology, nanotechnology, non-destructive testing and diagnostics, and information and communication related technologies. Objectives • Provide a platform for setting-up of appropriate, sustainable and scalable technological and social enterprises. • Identify innovative business ideas and entrepreneurs, including those that have evolved in not-for-profit organisations, academic institutions, and R&D institutions for setting up techno social business ventures as incubatees. • Provide optimal incubation support to incubatees, including through collaboration and networking with other entities in the incubation ecosystem. • Collaborate with financing institutions, funders/ donors and individuals for funding start-ups/ accelerators supported by Aashray. • Strengthen/ build the Aashray Endowment Fund through CSR contributions and donations from HNIs/ others to make available seed capital for innovations or ideas that may otherwise be shelved due to inadequacy or lack of funding. • Nurture and provide consultancy support for setting-up of Aashray incubation model/ incubation eco-systems to promote the start-up movement in India (including GoI initiatives such as “Make in India” and "Start-up India, Stand up India") • Develop appropriate infrastructure including state-of-the-art transitional R&D laboratories and equipment through collaborations. • Build alliances with government agencies, incubators, industry and academia internationally to create an enabling and inclusive ecosystem for techno-social business start-ups.


To identify indicators for measuring social impact of the incubator's support to enterprises of our incubatees. Although the different sectoral entrepreneurs are aware of and would like to measure the impact of their enterprises, they do not necessarily look at the social impact aspects. That is where our interactions and support are helpful for them and for the incubator.

Other Impact Measurement Tools

Currently we are primarily using IRIS metrics. Prior to that, we evolved the indicators based on our experience, our reporting requirements as well as findings from the field that showed that some of the achievements of our work were not being covered.