Updates to the IRIS+ system

The standards that underpin IRIS+ are updated on an ongoing basis in accordance with market evolution. This page contains information relevant to ongoing development plans and release of new IRIS+ thematic coverage.

Updates to the IRIS+ system are released on an ongoing basis and include the following:

1.  Updates to existing IRIS metrics based on:

  • priorities identified by the IRIS Advisory Body and other stakeholders
  • coverage of new Impact Themes and Strategic Goals in IRIS+
  • alignments with other standards bodies

2.  Additions of new metrics in areas where gaps are identified, based on evidence and best practice, as identified through the Navigating Impact project and vetted through public comment periods

3.  Enhancement and development of new guidance and recommended resources to support implementation of IRIS metrics and IRIS+ Core Metrics Sets

4.  Increased coverage of IRIS+ Categories and Themes, based on the IRIS+ Thematic Taxonomy:

Content is first developed through the Navigating Impact project and reflective of best practice and developments in the market for each Theme and Category. Refer to the image below for the planned schedule of ongoing development and release of IRIS+ themes. The GIIN welcomes the collaboration of experts and those interested in each theme. Click here to get involved with building out ongoing IRIS+ thematic coverage.

The updates mentioned above do not materially change the structure of existing IRIS metrics and are conducted on an ongoing basis. New IRIS metrics may be added as a result of increasing the thematic coverage in IRIS+. Upgrades to IRIS+, including material changes to the Catalog of Metrics, are conducted every two to five years according to market needs and follow rigorous standards-setting principles and processes.

Schedule of Development of IRIS+ Themes

Currently available in IRIS+

  • Financial Inclusion
  • Energy Access
  • Quality Healthcare
  • Smallholder Agriculture
  • Affordable Housing
  • Gender Lens
  • Access to Quality Education
  • Sustainable Forestry
  • Sustainable Water Mgmt.

In development (launch 2020)

  • WASH
  • Climate Mitigation
  • Quality Jobs
  • Sustainable Agriculture

To be developed (launch 2020 and beyond)

  • Biodiversity & Ecosystem Conservation
  • Clean Air
  • Clean Energy
  • Climate Resilience and Adaptation
  • Energy Efficiency
  • Food Security
  • Green Buildings
  • Marine Resources Conservation & Management
  • Natural Resources Conservation
  • Nutrition
  • Pollution Prevention
  • Sustainable Land Management
  • Waste Management


Questions or Feedback

For questions, feedback, or to collaborate on ongoing IRIS+ developments, visit: iris.thegiin.org/collaborate.