Small and Growing Business (SGB)

The Aspen Network of Development Entrepreneurs (ANDE), a global network of organizations that invest money and expertise to promote entrepreneurship in emerging markets, established a set of core metrics to assess the financial, social, and environmental impact that is derived from supporting small and growing businesses. These metrics and their rationale for inclusion by ANDE are summarized below. 

For more detail on the rationale for ANDE’s recommendation of each of the metrics listed below, see the Small and Growing Business Metrics - Detailed Information PDF on the ANDE user registry page

As with all IRIS metrics, it is important to state that interpretation of these metrics must also take into account other aspects of a company's context, and changes over time. Stand alone numbers cannot by themselves indicate positive or negative performance, or necessarily be compared across companies or products. 

ANDE Core Metrics

Potential Impact Area of SGBs

Organizations are also encouraged to report on the following metrics based on where the greatest benefits lie for the organizations they are reporting on. If the potential impact is based on the clients it reaches, the benefit of the product sold, or the suppliers it engages, the appropriate metrics should be reported.