Research & Data

The GIIN is widely recognized as one of the world's leading sources of data and research on impact measurement & management trends. Search below for GIIN-authored research as well as data on impact performance. For additional research on impact investing more broadly, check out the GIIN Research Center.

  • Evaluating Impact Performance

  • The State of Impact Measurement and Management Practice

    Published in 2020, this report presents findings from the GIIN’s second comprehensive survey of the state of impact measurement and management (IMM) in the impact investing industry.
  • The Business Value of Impact Measurement

    Published in 2016, this report highlights ways in which impact investors and investees use impact measurement practices to inform investment and management decisions to drive business…
  • IRIS Data Brief: Focus on Impact Objectives

    Published in 2015, and drawing on data from nearly 5,000 organizations, this data brief focuses on the impact objectives of reporting organizations.
  • ImpactBase Snapshot

    Published in 2015, the report presents a comprehensive analysis of the more than 300 funds on ImpactBase. The report provides an unprecedented look at the current intermediary landscape,…
  • IRIS Data Brief: Focus on Beneficiaries

    Published in 2014, drawing on data from over 5,000 organizations, this data brief focuses on metrics with respect to target stakeholders, with a particular focus on clients and employees.
  • IRIS Data Brief: Focus on Employment

    Published in 2013, this data brief includes performance data from more than 4,000 organizations to provide an industry spotlight on metrics related to employment.
  • Data Driven: A Performance Analysis for the Impact Investing…

    In 2011, the GIIN published its first data report using data from the IRIS database. This report summarizes early findings from 2,394 organizations that work with impact investment…
  • Understanding Impact Performance

    The Global Impact Investing Network, October 2020