IRIS Catalog of Metrics

IRIS metrics are designed to measure the social, environmental and financial performance of an investment.

To use IRIS metrics—and the resulting data—as part of the investment management process, IRIS metrics should be used and analyzed in generally accepted sets and according to well-defined objectives. To access generally accepted Core Metrics Sets by Theme or Sustainable Development Goal (SDG), set up a profile

  • Conservation Priority Characteristics (PD9009)

    Describes the primary characteristics of hectares directly or indirectly controlled during the reporting period that are desirable to maintain or enhance through protection, restoration, or sustainable…

  • Species Area of Habitat (PD2584)

    Describes the area of habitat available to a species within the species' range during the reporting period.

  • Threatened Species Policy (OI1618)

    Indicates whether the organization implements policies to protect the threatened species that reside in habitats affected by the organization's operations.

  • Protected Area Connectedness Assessment (OI2767)

    Indicate whether the organization has undertaken a protected area connectedness assessment to evaluate the continuity of natural habitats as of the end of the reporting period.

  • Target Area Protected Status (PD1676)

    Indicates the protected status of the land the organization seeks to benefit during the reporting period. Choose all that apply: Strict Nature Reserve (IUCN Category 1a) Wilderness Area (IUCN Category…

  • Species Extinction Threat (PD6363)

    Indicates applicable threats to species during the reporting period. Choose all that apply: Agriculture -Annual & perennial non-timber crops Shifting agriculture Smallholder farming Agro-industry…

  • Ecosystem Services Provided (PD8494)

    Describes the ecosystem services provided by land directly or indirectly controlled by the organization, during the reporting period. Select all that apply: Provisioning Values/Services Food Biological…

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