Jobs Created at Directly Supported/Financed Enterprises: Low-Income Areas (PI2251)

Net number of new full-time equivalent employees living in low income areas working for enterprises financed or supported by the organization between the beginning and end of the reporting period.

Many organizations may choose the beginning of the reporting period to be the time when the organization began its support/investment.

  • Reporting Format Unit Referenced within Metric Definition
  • Metric Type Submetric
  • Metric Level Product/Service, Organization
  • IRIS Metric Citation IRIS, 2021. Jobs Created at Directly Supported/Financed Enterprises: Low Income Areas (PI2251). v5.2.

Organizations should footnote all assumptions used, including how low income areas are identified. Organizations that report data using more than one reporting period should make very apparent which reporting period they are using for this metric. See usage guidance for further information.