Social Impact Objectives (OD6247)

Describes the social impact objectives pursued by the organization. Select all that apply:


  • Increasing Access to Better, Stable Pricing of Agricultural Products
  • Increasing Access to and Use of Quality Agricultural Inputs
  • Increasing Access to Agricultural Training and Information
  • Increasing Farm Profitability
  • Increasing Food Security through Smallholder Farms
  • Increasing Financial Health of Farmers
  • Increasing Access to and Use of Products/Services for Agricultural Risk Mitigation


  • Increasing Access to Essential Medicines, Medical Supplies, and Devices
  • Increasing Access to Medical Diagnostics
  • Improving Data for Health Systems Policy and Decision-Making
  • Increasing Consistent Supply of Essential Services and Products
  • Reducing Financial Barriers to Health Services

Real Estate:

  • Improving Housing Quality
  • Increasing Residential Stability
  • Increasing Housing Affordability
  • Increasing Access to Supportive Services through Housing


  • Improving Lighting for Business
  • Improving Energy Alternatives for Cooking
  • Improving Energy Alternatives for Healthcare
  • Improving Lighting for Homes
  • Improving Energy for Connectivity
  • Reducing Harmful Emissions from Small-Scale Energy Sources

Financial Services:

  • Improving Access to and Use of Responsible Financial Services for Historically Underserved Populations
  • Improving Financial Health
  • Supporting the Decent Jobs and Fostering Economic Development
  • Increasing Gender Equality through Financial Inclusion
  • Improving Rural Economies through Access to Financial Inclusion

Diversity and Inclusion:

  • Reducing Gender Inequities in Workplace Conditions
  • Reducing Gender Inequities in Pay
  • Reducing Gender Inequities in Governance, Leadership, and Ownership
  • Reducing Gender Inequities through Tailored Products and Services

Other (describe)

  • Reporting Format Selection
  • Metric Type Metric
  • Metric Level Organization
  • IRIS Metric Citation IRIS, 2021. Social Impact Objectives (OD6247). v5.2.

Organizations should footnote how their operations and/or products/services pursue the objectives selected. See usage guidance for further information.