Type of Financial Institution (OD9109)

Describes the type of financial institution the organization is, if applicable. Select all:

  • Community Action Agency (CAA)
  • Community Development Financial Institution (CDFI)
  • Credit Union/Cooperative
  • Loan Fund (including microenterprise fund or Multibank Community Development Corporation (CDC))
  • Non-Banking Financial Institution/Non-Banking Financial Corporation (NBFI/NBFC)
  • Non-Profit/Non-Governmental Organization, including CDCs
  • Rural Bank
  • Thrift, Bank, Bank Holding Company
  • Venture Capital Fund
  • Other
  • Reporting Format Selection
  • Metric Type Metric
  • Metric Level Organization
  • IRIS Metric Citation IRIS, 2020. Type of Financial Institution (OD9109). v5.1.

Organizations should footnote the type of financial institution they are if they select "Other".