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Microfinance Delivery Methodology (PD7356)

Describes the financial services delivery methodologies used by the organization. Select all that apply:

  • Individual lending
  • Solidarity group lending
  • Village/self-help group lending
  • Digital financial services
  • Agency banking
  • Licensed agents working on behalf of the financial service provider
  • Roving staff/mobile branches
  • ATMs
  • Mobile banking
  • Internet based services
  • Merchant POS or a networked merchant
  • Other
  • Reporting Format Selection
  • Metric Type Metric
  • Metric Level Product/Service, Organization
  • IRIS Metric Citation IRIS, 2019. Microfinance Delivery Methodology (PD7356). v5.0.

Organizations should footnote the type of financial services delivery methodology they use if they select "Other".