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Sector to Influence (PD8808)

Describes the sector(s) in which the organization focuses and seeks to influence. Select all that apply:
- Agriculture
- Artisanal
- Culture
- Education
- Energy
- Environment
- Financial Services
- Health
- Housing and Community Development
- Information and Communication Technologies (ICT)
- Infrastructure/ Facilities Development
- Land Conservation
- Microinsurance
- Supply Chain Services
- Technical Assistance Services
- Tourism
- Water
- Other
Reporting format
Metric type
Metric level
Product/Service, Organization
IRIS metric citation
IRIS, 2016. Sector to Influence (PD8808). v4.0.

Usage Guidance

  • Because the sector in which an organization operates (as categorized by its products/services) may differ from the sector(s) it seeks to influence, this metric is intended to capture the sector(s) targeted by the organization's products and services. For example, a company develops mobile software to inform rural farmers of real time market price data changes operates in the ICT sector, but targets or influences the Agriculture sector. Thus, this organization would select "Agriculture" as its Sector to Influence (PD8808), and would select "Information and Communication" as its Product/Service Type (PD3017).
  • Organizations can report on this metric at an organization level (selecting all of the sectors of focus for the organization) or at the specific product/service level (selecting the specific sector of focus for the product/service reporting against).