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Ecosystem Services Provided (PD8494)

Describes the ecosystem services provided by land directly or indirectly controlled by the organization, during the reporting period. Select all that apply:

Provisioning Values/Services
- Food
- Biological raw materials
- Biomass fuel
- Freshwater
- Genetic resources
- Biochemicals, natural medicines, pharmaceuticals

Regulating Values/Services
- Maintenance of air quality
- Regulation of climate
- Regulation of water timing and flows
- Erosion control
- Water purification and waste treatment
- Disease mitigation
- Maintenance of soil quality
- Pest mitigation
- Pollination
- Natural hazard mitigation

Supporting Values/Services
- Habitat
- Nutrient cycling
- Primary production
- Water cycling

Cultural Values/Services
- Recreation and ecotourism
- Ethical and spiritual values
- Educational and inspirational values

Organizations should footnote specific details around the selections.
Reporting format
Metric type
Metric level
Product/Service, Organization
IRIS metric citation
IRIS, 2016. Ecosystem Services Provided (PD8494). v4.0.


Organizations should footnote details about their selections. See usage guidance for further information.

Usage Guidance

  • Examples of details to footnote include: an explanation of how land provides the selected ecosystem services, as well as any external validation or verification that has been conducted to demonstrate the provision of the ecosystem services, including which services were covered, the date, and the entity providing verification/validation (e.g., university researcher, consultant, ecosystem service bank).
  • Organizations are encouraged to report this metric in conjunction with: Protected Land Area: Total (PI4716), Protected Land Area: Permanent (PI3924), Land Directly Controlled: Sustainably Managed (OI6912), Land Indirectly Controlled: Sustainably Managed (PI6796), Land Directly Controlled: Total (OI5408), and Land Indirectly Controlled: Total (PI3789).
  • The detailed options for this metric were sourced from the World Resources Institute (WRI).