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Temporary Employees (OI9028)

Number of temporary employees paid by the organization during the reporting period.
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IRIS, 2016. Temporary Employees (OI9028). v4.0.


Organizations should footnote details around the type of temporary employment provided. See usage guidance for further information.

Usage Guidance

  • This metric is intended to capture the number of temporary employees who worked for the organization at any point during the reporting period. For example, if a temporary employee worked at some point during the reporting period but was not employed as of the end of the reporting period, this individual should be counted as part of this metric.
  • Temporary employees include contracted (or subcontracted) employees. These contracts may be either written or oral but are characterized by a predefined term. Temporary employment may include fixed-term, project or task-based contracts, as well as seasonal, intermittent, or casual work.
  • Relevant details to footnote related to the type of temporary employment provided may include: the typical duration of temporary employees' contracts, the breakdown between full-time and part-time temporary employees, or other.
  • Organizations are encouraged to report this metric in conjunction with Temporary Employee Hours Worked (OI8408).