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Energy Conserved (OI6697)

Amount of reduction in energy consumption achieved as a direct result of energy conservation and efficiency initiatives employed by the organization during the reporting period.
Reporting format
Unit of Measure (PD1602)
Metric type
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IRIS metric citation
IRIS, 2016. Energy Conserved (OI6697). v4.0.


Organizations should footnote the details on energy conservation techniques, type of energy conserved, and all assumptions used. See usage guidance for further information.

Usage Guidance

  • This metric is intended to measure the amount of energy saved by the organization through specific energy-efficiency improvements. Improvements can be made as a result of energy-efficient construction/renovation investments within the organization's operations or as a result of improvements to reduce the amount of energy needed to carry out the same processes or tasks. It is not intended to capture reduction in energy consumption that results from reduced organizational activities (e.g. partial outsourcing).
  • Organizations should footnote the types of energy conservation techniques employed (e.g., process redesign) and the types of energy reduced (e.g., fuel, electricity, steam).
  • Organizations should footnote all assumptions used, including the basis for calculating reductions in energy consumption (such as base year or baseline) and the rationale for choosing it. For example, if the reporting period is annual, organizations should report on the difference in energy consumption between the current year and previous year. Additionally, organizations are encouraged to footnote energy conserved as a percentage of total energy consumed by the organization.
  • Organizations are encouraged to report this metric in conjunction with Energy Generated for Use: Total (OI9624), Energy Purchased: Total (OI8825), and Energy Conservation Strategy (OI4531).