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Community Engagement Strategy (OI2319)

Indicates whether the organization implements a strategy to manage its interactions with local communities affected by its operations.
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IRIS, 2016. Community Engagement Strategy (OI2319). v4.0.


Organizations should footnote the relevant details about their community engagement strategy, and how it is being implemented. See usage guidance for further information.

Usage Guidance

  • Community engagement strategies involve intentional approaches to align the development priorities of local communities with the goals of the organization.
  • Examples of strategy elements, to footnote, may include: providing deliberate resources (e.g., employee time and skills, in-kind giving, leadership) to community organizations or individuals, providing education and skills training, creating opportunities for employee volunteering and fundraising, contracting to local suppliers, lobbying to strengthen local issues, facilitating discussions with local leaders, integrating the company's community engagement activities into organizational functions, creating institutional policies and incentives for community engagement, and measuring the social impact of the organization's community engagement activities.
  • The strategy may also dictate methods (e.g., memorandum of understanding) for considering, informing, and consulting with existing community groups before implementing organizational activities that affect the community. For example, organizations may assess and take into account existing formal, informal, and historic land-use rights of local communities or indigenous peoples prior to affecting the land.
  • Organizations can refer to the following sources for further guidance on community engagement strategies:
    - Community Planning Toolkit (http://www.communityplanningtoolkit.org/sites/default/files/Engagement0815.pdf)
    - International Finance Corporation's Strategic Community Investment: A Good Practice Handbook for Companies Doing Business in Emerging Markets
    - The Conference Board's The Civic 50: Best Practices in Corporate Community Engagement
    - World Bank's Community Engagement Planning Tool (http://wbi.worldbank.org/sske/resource-library/community-engagement-planning-tool)
    - World Bank's Participation Sourcebook (http://documents.worldbank.org/curated/en/1996/02/696745/world-bank-participation-sourcebook)