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Energy Generated for Use: Non-renewable (OI1495)

Amount of energy generated and consumed by the organization from non-renewable sources during the reporting period.
Reporting format
Unit of Measure (PD1602)
Metric type
Metric level
IRIS metric citation
IRIS, 2016. Energy Generated for Use: Non-renewable (OI1495). v4.0.


Organizations should footnote all assumptions used.

Usage Guidance

  • This metric is intended to capture the amount of energy produced and used by the organization. For example, if an organization builds its own natural gas plant and uses this generated energy for its factories, it would report the amount of energy produced and used from that source.
  • Non-renewable energy sources include coal, natural gas, crude oil derivatives, and other forms. Organizations may refer to the glossary for additional information.
  • Organizations that want to report on the amount of renewable energy generated for sale should report against Energy Generated for Sale: Renewable (PI5842).