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Target Beneficiaries (OD7212)

Describes which entities the organization seeks to benefit via its products/services/operations. Select all that apply:
- Environment
- Suppliers
- Employees
- Distributors
- Clients/Customers
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IRIS metric citation
IRIS, 2016. Target Beneficiaries (OD7212). v4.0.

Usage Guidance

  • Organizations can benefit people and the environment throughout their supply chains, distribution chains, products/services provision, and operations. This metric is intended to capture the target beneficiaries of an organization's products/services/operations. For example:
    - An organization that produces wind power from wind farms could indicate the environment as its target beneficiary.
    - An organization buying mangoes from co-operatives that source from smallholder farmers could indicate suppliers as its target beneficiary.
    - An organization that recruits, trains, and employs chronically underemployed populations could indicate employees as its target beneficiary.
    - An organization engaging women in poor rural areas as distributors of its products and services could indicate distributors as its target beneficiary.
    - An organization manufacturing and selling water purification tablets could indicate clients/customers as its target beneficiary.
  • Organizations are encouraged to report against IRIS metrics related to the numbers reached and other key performance areas. For example, the organization that buys mangoes referenced above might also report against Supplier Individuals: Smallholder (PI9991) and Payments to Supplier Individuals: Smallholder (PI7852).
  • Organizations are also encouraged to report this metric in conjunction with Relationship to Target Beneficiaries (OD7900).