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Operational Model (OD6306)

Describes the operational model of the organization. Select all that apply:
- Production/Manufacturing: Production and/or manufacturing of goods (e.g., farming, construction, manufacturing)
- Processing/Packaging: Processing and/or packaging of goods (can include both raw materials, such as wheat, or secondary materials/goods)
- Distribution: Delivery of good or service to the target audience, whether through traditional transport (e.g., vehicle, rail, air) or infrastructure (electric grid operator)
- Wholesale/Retail: Intermediary organization that purchases goods and sells them to new target customers
- Services: Services such as education, health, communication, transportation, social services, etc.
- Financial Services: Financial products and services
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IRIS, 2016. Operational Model (OD6306). v4.0.


Organizations should footnote a detailed description of its operational model.