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Mission Statement (OD2735)

Describes the mission statement of the organization.
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IRIS, 2016. Mission Statement (OD2735). v4.0.

Usage Guidance

  • A mission statement expresses an organization's reason for existence or core purpose. Mission statements establish the long-term direction and goals that guide an organization's daily operations. They provide a foundation for an organization's activities, communications, organization, and culture.
  • Internally, mission statements are often used to inspire employees, board members, and volunteers, guide leaders' decision-making, serve as the root for the organization's theory of change (see Theory of Change (OD6350)), and set goals (see Social and Environmental Targets (OD4091)). Externally, mission statements are often used to generate external support and communicate goals and aspirations to potential partners and beneficiaries.
  • Organizations can refer to the SPI4 (, specifically the Essential Practice 1a1, for additional indicators related to a mission statement. SPI4 is a social audit tool developed for financial service providers but applicable to any organization that has both social and financial objectives.