In-Person Support

To more deeply engage with the expertise of the IRIS+ team, we encourage you to consider GIIN membership, where you can access one-on-one virtual “office hours” and receive answers to your questions from a GIIN IMM specialist, and also keep an eye on upcoming IRIS+ workshops, which are often open to non-members. 

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Courses & Workshops

The GIIN’s in-person IRIS+ workshops are designed for investors looking to use IRIS+ to develop or advance an impact measurement practice within their unique operational and strategic contexts. These workshops enable investors to take full advantage of IRIS+, including:

  • setting up an IRIS+ account,
  • creating IRIS+ profiles,
  • navigating the IRIS+ website effectively,
  • identifying relevant IRIS+ Strategic Goals,
  • using Core Metrics Sets,
  • leveraging the IRIS+ evidence base, and
  • identifying relevant supporting IMM resources

Sessions can be a half-day or full-day, allowing participants to bond with their peers and engage actively with the learning process.