In-Person Support

To more deeply engage with the expertise of the IRIS+ team, we encourage you to consider GIIN membership, where you can access one-on-one virtual “office hours” and receive answers to your questions from a GIIN IMM specialist, and also keep an eye on upcoming IMM trainings and workshops, which are open to non-members. 

Become a GIIN member and gain access to IMM virtual "office hours."


  • November 11-16 | MINNEAPOLIS at AEA Evaluation 2019
  • December 10 | LONDON (GIIN members only workshop)

Courses & Workshops

The GIIN’s in-person Impact Measurement & Management (IMM) courses and workshops—which have been consistently rated five stars by participants—are designed for investors looking to develop an impact measurement practice that fits their unique operational and strategic context. Through a dynamic format consisting of small group-learning, practical simulations, and case study analysis, these offerings enable investors to construct solutions to key challenges around IMM performance, including:

  • designing an IMM framework,
  • using Core Metrics Sets,
  • collecting data efficiently, and
  • managing stakeholder expectations.

Participants collaborate with trainers and peers to tackle real-world problems, challenging them to hone their judgement and learn new ways of approaching problems. Some sessions can include intensive, long days requiring participants to leave the office behind, bond with their peers and engage actively with the learning process. More information about IMM courses.

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