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Community Capital Management, Inc. (CCM)

Community Capital Management, Inc. (CCM) is a registered investment adviser focused on providing fixed income management and exceptional client service to institutional investors. The firm was founded in 1998 on the belief that portfolios of government-related securities could produce competitive returns while also promoting community development. CCM’s primary goal is to offer fixed income investment vehicles that produce above-average, risk-adjusted returns while positively impacting the community and the environment.

CCM currently manages over $1.5 billion in fixed income impact investing assets on behalf of: foundations, religious organizations, pension funds, not-for-profits, insurance companies, financial institutions, and high net worth clients. As of June 30, 2012, CCM has invested approximately $4.6 billion in community development initiatives nationwide on behalf of its clients, generating results that make a powerful impact:

  • 235,000 affordable rental housing units
  • 10,500 home mortgages for low- and moderate-income families
  • $32 million in affordable healthcare facilities
  • $251 million in economic development programs including environmentally sustainable initiatives and neighborhood revitalization activities
  • $495 million in statewide home ownership and down payment assistance programs
  • $198 million in job creation and small business development

Detailed impact reports are provided to institutional investors to quantify and qualify the impact of each investment. These include comprehensive information on the projects or businesses being financed by the bond and any additional community benefits such as neighborhood revitalization, onsite computer training center, environmental components, job creation and training, etc.

CCM uses IRIS metrics to showcase how fixed income investments positively impact our communities and the environment. We also use IRIS metrics to track the scale of our impact and report it to our investors.