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Bamboo Capital Partners

Bamboo Capital Partners is a global investment advisory firm with USD250 million assets under management investing in innovative, commercially viable enterprises which seek to deliver social impact and financial returns to investors. We invest in enterprises which improve access, affordability, appropriateness of essential products or services and/or livelihood opportunities for low income people. We manage two impact investing funds:

  • The Bamboo Financial Inclusion Fund
  • The Oasis Fund

The Bamboo Financial Inclusion fund invests in microfinance institutions and funds while Oasis invests in housing, healthcare, education, finance, energy and other high impact sectors.

We use IRIS:

  • To help us map the impact models of our investees;
  • To guide our impact discussions with investees and to select the metrics that best reflect their social impact;
  • To monitor performance of portfolio and report to investors and other stakeholders.

The list of indicators below contains cross portfolio- and company specific indicators we are tracking, that is some indicators are tracked for all companies while many of the listed indicators are company specific.