International Financial Institution (IFI) Private Sector Operations

The list of IRIS metrics below represents those that align with the harmonized indicators for private sector operations (HIPSO) developed by the IFI Working Group on Development Results Indicators Harmonization.

In 2013, 25 International Finance Institutions (IFIs) signed a memorandum to ease the reporting burden on shared private sector clients and facilitate learning from each other. Together, the organizations created a harmonized set of 38 core indicators for 12 different sectors. The full memorandum and indicators are available for download on the HIPSO website.

Among the 38 core indicators, 19 are aligned with IRIS. As a result, IRIS users now benefit from a streamlined reporting process. The governance and evolution of these indicators remains with the IFI Working Group. Since October, 2018, the GIIN has been a formal observer within the IFI Working Group. 

For additional detail and explanation on the alignment of IRIS metrics with the IFI harmonized core indicators, download the harmonized indicators for private sector operations (HIPSO) - Detailed Information document here.

As with all IRIS metrics, it is important to state that interpretation of these metrics must be complemented with an analysis of the context in which a company is evolving, and can change over time. Stand-alone numbers cannot by themselves indicate positive or negative social value, or necessarily be compared across companies or products.

Overall, these metrics help organizations ask a series of important questions which, together with a deep understanding of the context, provide a more complete picture of social performance.





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