Fundamentals & Core Concepts

IRIS+ Fundamentals offer an overview of the core concepts and rules underpinning IRIS+ based impact measurement and management. The IRIS+ Fundamentals provide terms, definitions, describe objectives, structure, and explain the ways IRIS+ should be used in practice to translate intentions to impact results.

  • IRIS+ Thematic Taxonomy

    The generally accepted definitions of Impact Categories and Impact Themes providing a shared language for describing, assessing, communicating, and ultimately comparing impact performance.
  • IRIS+ and the SDGs

    Describes the core concepts behind impact performance measurement toward the SDGs, both through the use of IRIS+ Core Metrics Sets and the IRIS Catalog of Metrics.
  • IRIS+ and the Five Dimensions of Impact

    Describes the core concepts and structure for measuring and understanding impact according to the five dimensions through the use of both IRIS+ Core Metrics Sets and IRIS Catalog of…
  • IRIS+ Core Metrics Sets

    Describes the core concepts and structure behind the generally accepted metrics required to ensure a minimum level of consistency in a user’s impact claims and performance.