Early-Stage Enterprises

Toniic is a global network of impact investors, both individuals and institutions, focused on funding and nurturing early-stage social enterprises. In order to create a shared framework for its members to use when collecting and reporting their impact performance, Toniic identified a set of five core “cross-portfolio” IRIS metrics and an additional set of “sector-specific” IRIS metrics that it recommends its members use.

The Toniic Institute established these recommendations based on analyses of investments made by the members. For more detail on the alignment, specifically the rationale for inclusion of each metric, download the PDF on the Toniic user registry page

In addition to proposing the use of these metrics, the Toniic Institute authored an E-Guide for its members and others looking to understand some of the challenges and opportunities associated with the practice of impact measurement. The E-guide also provides an overview of Toniic members experiences using the GIIRS rating as part of their impact measurement processes. The E-guide can be accessed here and the metrics below.

As with all IRIS metrics, it is important to state that interpretation of these metrics must also take into account other aspects of a company's context, and changes over time. Stand alone numbers cannot by themselves indicate positive or negative performance, or necessarily be compared across companies or products. 

Toniic Recommended Cross-Portfolio IRIS Metrics

  • Client Individuals: Total (PI4060)

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    Number of unique individuals who were clients of the organization during the reporting period.

    Measure the level of activity and the number of beneficiaries of the enterprise’s operations.

  • Jobs Maintained at Directly Supported/Financed Enterprises: Total (PI5691)

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    Number of full-time equivalent employees working for enterprises financed or supported by the organization at the beginning…

    Monitor the relative size of the enterprise; growth in services; cost efficiencies. Depending on enterprise, demonstrates job growth for low-income populations.

  • Net Income (FP1301)

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    Value of the organization's net profit, calculated as total income minus total expenses, taxes, and cost of goods sold during…

    The enterprise’s bottom line; useful in monitoring the level of philanthropic support over time.

  • New Investment Capital (FP8293)

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    Value of funds invested in the organization (both loans and investments) during the reporting period.

    Monitor the level of activity in attracting new capital and investment to the enterprise, essential for growth and expansion.

  • Sales Revenue (PI1775)

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    Value of the revenue from sales of the organization's products/services during the reporting period.

    Monitor the financial well being of the enterprise and relative level of activity; estimate marginal costs. Indicative of the health of the organization and the social impact that it creates.

Toniic Recommended Sector-Specific IRIS Metrics