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IRIS+ to Incorporate Stakeholder Voice

Developed in partnership with Tris Lumley (NPC) & Alyna Wyatt and Mishkah Jakoet (Genesis Analytics)

While impact measurement and management (IMM) is considered a technical discipline built on logical frameworks, quantitative data and analysis, it has another facet through which it answers a much more human question – does the impact generated live up to what people and planet want and need?

This document provides guidance on how to use IRIS+ to incorporate the voices of affected stakeholders into impact measurement and management practice. It also includes a case example from of stakeholder voice being incorporated into IMM in South Africa, to illustrate the why and how of incorporating stakeholder voice into impact investments, as well as the benefits in practice.

This document belongs to the How-To guidance series of IRIS+, which provide examples of how to use IRIS+ in practice.