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IRIS+ and Aeris

Original review date: 2017

Updated: 2021

Aeris is a rating and information service for impact investments. Aeris has established risk management standards for private community loan funds (CDFIs) and has helped strengthen the development of impact measurement and management (IMM) practices in the CDFI industry. Since 2004, Aeris has issued more than 1,000 ratings on CDFIs, based on thorough analyses of each organization’s IMM practices, capital structure, asset quality, earnings, liquidity, management and governance strength and practices. For more information on Aeris, their rating and data tools, visit: addition to Aeris Rating Reports, Aeris aggregates quarterly performance data from CDFI loan funds using a custom-built web platform (the Aeris Cloud), which automatically standardizes the presentation of CDFI financial and portfolio quality data. Data are accessed by CDFI investors on a subscription basis, and Aeris publishes trend reports on CDFI performance based on its analysis of aggregated, anonymized CDFI performance data

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