Community Investing

As the CDFI rating and information service, Aeris rates and analyzes CDFI loan funds, and provides investors with real-time, highly standardized financial and impact data through the Aeris® Cloud. Aeris issues ratings on CDFIs’ impact performance and financial strength, supported by an in-depth narrative analysis, standardized financial statements, and performance ratios. The goal of the Aeris tool is to increase investment and knowledge that benefit underserved markets. CDFIs are safe, proven fixed-income vehicles for leveraging investor capital to strengthen economic security, finance affordable housing developments, enhance environmental sustainability, and support education and health in low-income communities throughout the US.

U.S. Community Investment (USCI) has focused on providing access to credit and other financial services to underserved markets for decades, largely through CDFIs. As the number and size of CDFIs grows, there is a desire for additional sources of capital to spur investment in these markets from investors who share the goal of addressing social, economic, and environmental challenges through safe, impactful community investments.

The Aeris team undertook this partnership with the IRIS team in an effort to better connect impact investors to CDFIs by codifying a core set of IRIS-aligned metrics that are commonly reported by CDFIs and applicable to a range of community investments. While Aeris will begin collecting standardized data from CDFI loan funds in 2017 through the Aeris® Cloud, these metric sets are also broadly applicable to other community investors looking for standardized sets of IRIS metrics.

Housing - Home Ownership

Housing - Lending to Housing Developers

Housing - Voluntary Metrics

Health and Food Access - Food Access

Health and Food Access - Health

Environment - Improvement of Physical Environment

Environment - Energy Efficiency & Fossil Fuel Reduction


Economic Security - Consumer Finance

Economic Security - Income Generation

Economic Security - Voluntary