Community Banking

The National Community Investment Fund (NCIF), a U.S.-focused nonprofit private equity fund that invests in community development banking institutions (CDBIs), developed a methodology and set of standardized social performance metrics to help communicate the impact generated by CDBIs. 

These metrics have become the standard within the U.S. community banking sector and they are also aligned with IRIS. The table below shows their alignment with IRIS.

The white paper, available for download on the NCIF User page, provides case studies from two investors and one community bank that are using the metrics to tell the story of their impact.

As with all IRIS metrics, it is important to state that interpretation of these metrics must also take into account other aspects of a company's context, and changes over time. Stand alone numbers cannot by themselves indicate positive or negative performance, or necessarily be compared across companies or products. 

Credit Products

Market Need & Non-credit Financial Products and Services

Non-financial Products and Services

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