Energy, Environment & Water Working Group

The IRIS Energy, Environment, & Water Working Group (2009 -2010), provided recommendations during the formation of the IRIS catalog regarding environmental performance metrics that reflect both the operational impacts and product impacts of an organization. The operational impacts include measures of an organization's operating footprint and the product impacts include measures that quantify the positive results of products or services such as those that seek to reduce energy consumption, conserve natural resources, or increase the availability of quality water.

  • Cliff Brown Environmental Capital Group
  • Davis Cherry World Resources Institute
  • Patricia Devaney Root Capital
  • Cathy Diam E + Co
  • Mark Eckstein World Wildlife Fund
  • David Heppe Environmental Capital Group
  • Frank Hicks Biological Capital
  • Charles Iceland World Resources Institute
  • Elizabeth Kennedy Rainforest Alliance
  • Kelly McCarthy World Resources Institute
  • Arne Morteani Environmental Technologies Fund
  • Jeff Rodgers World Resources Institute
  • Orissa Samaroo The Global Environmental Facility
  • James Stacey Earth Capital Partners