IRIS+ is the generally accepted system for impact investors to measure, manage, and optimize their impact. 

Credible, comparable impact data are needed to inform impact investment decisions and drive greater impact results. IRIS+ solves for this by increasing data clarity and comparability, and it provides streamlined, practical, how-to guidance that impact investors need, all in one easy-to-navigate system. It is a free, publicly available resource that is managed by the Global Impact Investing Network (GIIN) – the global champion of impact investing.

Impact measurement & management is a Core Characteristic of Impact Investing. The GIIN offers the IRIS+ system to support the practice of impact investing and promote transparency, credibility, and accountability in the use of impact data for decision making across the impact investment industry.

IRIS+ makes it easier for investors to translate their impact intentions into real impact results. Use of IRIS+ allows investors to focus their capital allocation decisions and drive greater impact on the world’s most pressing social and environmental issues.


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