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What is IRIS?

Impact Measurement and Management Training

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London, UK: November 14-15, 2017

This two-day Impact Measurement and Management (IMM) training gives investors the tools and guidance needed to develop an impact measurement practice that fits their unique operational and strategic context.

Investors who complete this training will leave with a deeper understanding of how to design a cost-efficient impact measurement practice that is core to their business goals and creates real business value. This course is open to all investors making investments directly into companies. It is best-suited for private equity fund managers who are in the early stages of developing an impact measurement practice. If you are interested in attending, please select your preferred location below for further details on pricing and registration. Learn more about IMM

IRIS is managed by the Global Impact Investing Network (GIIN), a nonprofit organization dedicated to increasing the scale and effectiveness of impact investing. The GIIN offers IRIS as a free public good to support transparency, credibility, and accountability in impact measurement practices across the impact investing industry. IRIS provides added value in the following ways:

1 One-stop Shop

By cataloging the most useful metrics from across the industry in one place, IRIS takes the guesswork out of which performance metrics to use.


2 Aggregate & Compare

By providing a standard common language to talk about results, IRIS makes it easier to compare investments and aggregate information across a portfolio.


3 Increase Credibility

98% of investors recognize the importance of standardized metrics and over 5,000 organizations are using IRIS to evaluate, communicate and manage their social and environmental performance.

4 Reduce Reporting Burden

IRIS doesn’t reinvent the wheel and incorporates and aligns with widely accepted 3rd party standards wherever possible. Organizations can use IRIS as the anchor for their diverse reporting requirements.

About IRIS

Learn about the history of the IRIS catalog, and meet the stakeholders that have participated in its evolution. Learn more

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Browse the IRIS catalog and pick a set of metrics that makes sense for your portfolio. Learn more

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